Earthing & Lightning Protection

Earthing & Lightning Protection System

We design, supply and install Earthing and lightning protection system products to protect the respective valuable properties against lightning direct and indirect impacts. According to the statistics more than 1900 lightning flashes occur every minute all over the earth surface. The LPS external protection systems are used to safeguard public and industrial places.

We design and install three types of Lightning Protection System (LPS) as follows

Conventional LPS

Conventional Lightning Protection System – 1st Generation

  • Rolling Sphere Method
  • Protection Angle Method
  • Mesh Method


Early Streamer Emission Lightning Protection System – 2nd Generation

  • Maintenance Free
  • Easy to Install
  • Cost effective

Advanced ESE Lps

Early Streamer Emission Lightning Protection System – 3rd Generation.

  • Passive and Active Polarization
  • Remote Operation
  • Advanced Features

LPS Installation

Earth Pit Installation

ESE Lightning Arrester Radius of Protection Chart

h = tip height in meters234561015204560
Level I Protection32486479797980808080
Level II Protection35526986878888888989
Level III Protection405978979799101102105105
Level IV Protection446587107107109111113119120

Earth Pits & Chemical Compounds

Earth Pit Chamber Cover

Copper Coated rod of 3 meters with welded clamp (Can be customized) & HDPE Earth pit Chamber made of high density polypropylene


Produced As per IEEE 80:2000 Clause 14.5d, environment friendly saves electrical and electronic equipment’s from faults


Corrosion free and long life, environment friendly certified product, MSME tested for resistance consistency, RoHS complaints certified

Conventional Lightning Protection System

We design and provide three types solution for conventional lightning protection system to protecting the structures, buildings and open areas against lightening direct impacts., Rolling Sphere method, Mesh method, Protection Angle method

Early Streamer Emission Lightning Protection System

ESE Early Streamer Emission LPS is a more cost effective lightning arrester solution than conventional LA and has high radius area of protection. ESE works under the principle of CORONA & VENTURI effect. This is highly resistant against impact, corrosion and chemical agent. This product is maintenance free and easy to install.

Advance Early Streamer Emission Protection System

The Advance ESE Early Streamer Emission Lighting arrester rods equipped with a double devices of polarization. It collects 90% of the negative charges as well as 10% of the positive charges. This device is complete maintenance free and specifically designed for simplified use and the polarization of the point until 30kV to 45kVA.

Safe Earthing System

Safe Earthing System

We specialize in providing Safe Earthing System as per IEEE 80-2013 Standards. Earthing is used to protect you and your valuable devices from direct and indirect fault current impacts. We design and install the below Earthing system as per IEEE 80-2013 14.A, 14.B, 14.C & 14.D

  • Conventional Earthing
  • Bentonite and Marconite
  • Maintenance Free Earthing
  • Permanent Earthing

We use Earth Con and Terec + Chemical compounds for safe Earthing solution

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