We hire all type of modification or expansion of panel boards with highest possible quality standards with in the target time. Our Technical team provide special attention and consideration for those required shutdown activities of low voltage switchgear panel boards. We provide following activities while processing the panel modification or expansion – Breaker upgradation, Breaker replacement, Busbar replacement or upgradation, Control Circuit modifications, Shutdown works with target time, VFD, Soft Starter and PLC modifications, Existing switchboard expansion works and Troubleshooting works etc…

Our comprehensive archive enables us to identify, advice, provide and replace the exact components that require for the panel boards and accurate to the latest revision status. This process minimises system disruption whilst enabling the upgrade of the switchgear, associated protection and drawings.



A typical retrofit involves the replacement of old circuit breakers and switches by modern vacuum circuit breakers to reduce maintenance requirements.



Refurbishment restores the equipment to its original condition and performance specification. It can actually enhance ratings or performance.


acb switchgear

Advances in retrofit and refurbishment techniques have provided customers with a range of options for economically extending life of their switchgear.

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