Sub Main Distribution Boards - SMDB


Polar SMDB sub main distribution board panels equipped with MCCB’s/ACB’s where acts between main distribution board and final distribution board and distribute several sub feeders to different location across the infrastructure. Polar SMDB panels manufactured with applicable industry standards and ranges from 63A to 800A with form 2b construction.

Polar SMDBs are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the client requirements while considering the local regulations and complying with IEC standards.

Panel preview

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Application: Infrastructure, Industries, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Pumping Stations, Water Treatment, Hotels and Residential Buildings

Panel Features

  • Ranges from 63A to 800A
  • Fault withstand 36KA / 25KA / 1Sec
  • Form 2b construction
  • Floor or wall mounting type
  • Surface or Flush mounting type
  • Ingress protection of IP54
  • Front cabling access
  • Top or bottom cable entry with removable gland plates
  • Metering instruments as per customer requirements
  • Incoming & Outgoing with fixed / Plug in / DOT device
  • Incoming with Isolator / MCCB / Non Auto type
  • Incomer & Outgoing devices with BMS facility if required


  • Auto mains failure detection
  • Generator auto start/stop
  • Generator and bus voltage monitoring
  • Frequency monitoring
  • Reverse power relay trip protection
  • Auto load sharing
  • Alarm annunciation
  • Remote operation and monitoring
  • High level safety and reliability
  • Microprocessor based relay or PLC control for logic built-up