Totalizing Panels



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All Polar assembled panel boards are designed to meet the applicable industry standards and allow balance of the electrical load on each phase.

Application: Infrastructure, Industries, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Pumping Stations, Water Treatment, Hotels and Residential Buildings

Panel Features

  • Rated Operation Voltage up to 690V AC
  • Ranges from 800A to 6300A
  • Fault withstand 50KA / 3Sec
  • Form 2b, 4b type 6 & 4b type 7
  • Ingress protection of IP 54
  • Front or rear cabling access
  • Top or bottom cable entry
  • Metering instruments as per customer requirements
  • Incomer ACB’s & Outgoing ACB / MCCB’s as required
  • Incoming DOT & Outgoing with fixed / Plug in / DOT device
  • Automatic Transfer Control as required (Controller or PLC)
  • Incomer with DEWA/SEWA/FEWA/ADDC Kwh cutout
  • Incomer / Outgoing bus duct flange provisions
  • Utilization Category B for ACB & A for MCCB
  • Incomer & Outgoing devices with BMS facility if required


  • Auto mains failure detection
  • Generator auto start/stop
  • Generator and bus voltage monitoring
  • Frequency monitoring
  • Reverse power relay trip protection
  • Auto load sharing
  • Alarm annunciation
  • Remote operation and monitoring
  • High level safety and reliability
  • Microprocessor based relay or PLC control for logic built-up