Testing & Commissioning

We possess in depth knowledge of switchgear panel board testing and commissioning process. We use the latest technology of Infrared Thermography Testing is an ideal technique for inspecting electrical equipment for defective components or connections.  We bring our team of highly experienced and certified engineers to conduct these tests, while using the advanced thermography testing in preventive maintenance programme we can identify the following issues which causes system into failure mode » Loose connections » Underrated components like breaker, conductors, busbars and cables » Insulation failure » Overloading » Ventilation issues in enclosure System

The detailed survey will be done with the panels remains in energized condition.  The abnormality locations or components will be identified and the relevant images will be captured using the thermal imager.  The captured images will be analyzed by using the dedicated software and the system generated reports will be issued to the clients by identifying the faults with the suggestion of corrective actions.

our process of testing & commissioning

We do the testing and commissioning of low voltage switchboards for all kinds of projects with latest equipments. Beyond the standard tests our expert do the following tests,

  • Bolt Torque Test
  • Milli Volt Drop Test / Contact Resistance Test
  • Secondary Current Injection Test
  • ACB Secondary Injection Test
  • CT polarity and ratio Test
  • Primary Current Injection Test on Breakers
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Ammeter Current Injection Test
  • Voltmeter Test
  • REF relay Test
  • Thermography Survey on Live Panels

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